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Analysis of evidence, 2005
Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements: Case Studies (vol.1), 2ª ed., 2015
Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements: Case Studies (vol.2), 2ª ed., 2015
Competition policy : theory and practice, 2015
Complicity and the law of state responsibility, 2011
The constitution of law : legality in a time of emergency, 2006
The Court of Justice of the European Union as an institutional actor, 2018
Crime, shame and reintegration, 1989
EU citizenship and federalism : the role of rights, 2017
Evidence matters : science, proof, and truth in the law, 2014
The Gentle Civilizer of Nations: The Rise and Fall of International Law 1870–1960, 2009
Global justice, state duties : the extraterritorial scope of economic, social, and Cultural rights in international law, 2013
Hobbes and the law, 2012
International law, 2003
The international law of environmental impact assessment: process, substance and integration, 2010
Judicial power : how constitutional courts affect political transformations, 2019
Judicial Review in an Objective Legal System, 2015
The judiciary, the legislature and the EU internal market, 2012
The law and finance of related party transactions, 2019
Law and practice of EU external relations : salient features of a changing landscape, 2008
Law, liberty and state, 2015
The legal mind, 2019
Licensing and access to content in the European Union, 2019
The perpetual immigrant and the limits of athenian democracy, 2018
Philosophy and the criminal law principle and critique, 2008
Principles of shared responsibility in international law : an appraisal of the state of the art, 2014
The prisoners’ dilemma political economy and punishment in contemporary democracies, 2008
Proof of Causation in Tort Law, 2015
Regional Trade Agreements and the Multilateral Trading System, 2016
Social and environmental policies in ec procurement law: new directives and new directions, 2009
Stanley Fish on philosophy, politics and law : how fish works, 2014
States of emergency in liberal democracies, 2009
Tariff negotiations and renegotiations under the GATT and the WTO, 2018
Towards shared accountability in international human rights law : law, procedures and principles, 2017
Trade cooperation: the purpose, design and effects of preferential trade agreements, 2015
The WTO and International Investment Law: Converging Systems, 2016